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Current Projects

Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), Open Innovation Platforms for Industry-academia Co-creation (COI-NEXT)

◆ Health Commons Co-Creation Platform(HCCP) (under construction)


Past Projects

Environment Research and Technology Development Fund (ERTDF) Strategic Project (S-16-4) of the Ministry of Environment, Japan (FY2015-FY2020)

A new strategic project under environment research & technology development fund, Ministry of Environment, Japan Goals and Governance for Sustainable Development - Establishing and Implementing post-2015 Development Goals under Planetary Boundaries-Project Leader FY2013-2015

Environment Research and Technology Development Fund (ERTDF) S-11 POST 2015 - Project On Sustainability Transformation beyond 2015 - Project Leader (FY 2013 - 2015)

The aim of this research project is to contribute to international discussions toward the establishment of sustainable development goals (SDGs) in the short term, and to propose policies and frameworks for a long-term transformation in human behaviour toward sustainable society.

The 2015 deadline is approaching for achievement of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). In this context, the pace of international discussions is accelerating regarding global development goals and related issues after 2015. This project will conduct research from as many perspectives as possible about this debate, with the purpose of making an intellectual contribution toward the realization of a sustainable world.

Specifically, we have the following five objectives:
  1. Contribute to establishing the post-2015 development agenda.
  2. Promote trans-disciplinary research into ways to harmonize environment and development by leveraging sustainable development goals.
  3. Create a new trans-disciplinary epistemic community by promoting research-based collaboration. This is to address the lack of communication between research communities dealing with environmental issues and development issues.
  4. Aim to become an international research center through relevant international collaboration and networks.
  5. Through these activities, contribute to a broad societal debate about sustainability transformation.

ERTDF Homepage
S-11Project Homepage

JST Basic Research Program - Trans-disciplinary Research towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) implementation - Project Leader (February 2015 - July 2015)

Ministry of Environment, Global Environment Research Fund Strategic Research Project (S-6) Options and Process towards mid- to long-term International and Domestic Institutional Architecture towards Low-Carbon Asia (S-6-3)
Team Leader


Ministry of Environment, Global Environment Research Fund (S-7-3) International Framework for Promoting Management of Air Pollution in East Asia and Co-benefit Approach, Research Member (S-7-3(4))


JST J-RAPID・FLASH :Strategic International Research Cooperative Program Disaster Evacuation and Risk Perception in Democracies: From the viewpoint of Comparison of Japan and France Japanese Research Representative (French Research Representative: Francois Gemenne, Science Po., Research Fellow)


Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership Exploring Effective Architecture for Emerging Agencies in International Environmental Governance

Best and Worst Practices for Improving International Climate Change Governance Project(Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI[B])、Mitsui Environmental Research Fund:Earth System Governance Affiliated Project)


Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), Research Institute of Science & Technology for Society (RISTEX) Research Development Program [Project of Non-global Warming and Environment-friendly Society Based on Community] Research Development Project [Technological Development for Comprehensive Reproduction of Local Commons and Its Indoctrination] Research Participant


Multistory Approach Towards Participatory Consensus Building Mechanism as Infrastructure KAKENHI Research Participant


Global COE: [Global COE Program, Multidisciplinary Education & Research Center for Energy Science] Co-researcher


JST Research Development Project [The Interaction of Technology and Society- Promotion of a Policy Formation Dialogue- Make a Long-term Greenhouse Gas sizable Cut into an Example] Research Participant


The Project to Design Sustainable Management and Recycling System of Biomass,General and Industrial Wastes (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Leading project) In charge of the biomass environment policy formation evaluation modeling (2003-2007)

General Research Project on Creation of the Many-sided and Synthetic Evaluation and Prediction / Planning Technique of a Mid- to Long-term Policy Option Towards Non-global Warming Society (Ministry of Environment, Global Environment Research Fund, Strategic Research Project Composition Research) Criteria Team, Team Leader (2004-2008)

Research Project on the Next Step of the Climate Change Regime (The Environmental Research and Technology Development Fund (ERTDF), Ministry of Environment )
Project Member, 2003-2005, 2006-2008

IIASA (The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis) PIN(The Process of International Negotiation Program)Project 『Facilitation of the Climate Talks: Dealing with Stumbling Blocks』 Project Member 2004-2005

21st Century COE Program Agent-based Political Process Project "Creating of Agent-Based Social Systems Sciences (ABSSS)" Project Leader, 2004-2008

The Japan Foundation, Center for Global Partnership
Joint Research of Faculty of Law, Kitakyusyu University and United Nations University
"What is the Missing Link? The Multilateral Environmental Governance Regime, Structural Integration and the Possibility of a World Environment Organization" 1.Jan.2001-30.Nov.2002 Project Manager

Other Committee Members, etc