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Records of Media Appearance


  1. National Institute of Information and Communications Technology(NICT)NEWS, Special Dialogue, "The Role of Information and Communication Technology on the Road to Achieving SDGs"
  2. The article about SDGs@United States. analyzed by Prof.Kanie was published in the website of the Asahi Shimbun SDGs Action!(in Japanese)
  3. The efforts of Tokyu's SDGs in which students from Kanie Lab participated were introduced on ITSCOM channel "WEEKLY TOQ FocusIn!".
  4. The interview of Norichika Kanie has been released by the Anderson Mori & Tomotsunehas.(in Japanese)
  5. Norichika Kanie joined in the "SDGs ROUND-TABLE TALK"(WEB version)by the AERA dot., Campus AERA.(in English)


  1. The press briefing by the Foreign Press Center Japan will be held (November 4th 2021, briefing by Norichika Kanie).(In Japanese)
  2. Norichika Kanie appeared on the TV program "深層NEWS" by the BS Nippon Corporation on March 31st 2021.(in Japanese)
  3. Norichika Kanie appeared on the talk show "イントロ" by the Nippn Television Network Corporation on March 30th 2021.(in Japanese)
  4. The animation "NHK(the Japan Broadcasting Corporation)SDGsキャンペーン「未来へ17アクション《by " Norichika Kanie supervised has been released (in Japanese).


  1. The research by the xSDG laboratory was introduced on the website "Keio Times" by the Keio University on October 30.


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  2. The article on which Norichika Kanie and Kosumo Takagi's interview was published in the website "United Nations Forum"


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