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One of the two issues to be addressed at 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development, also known as Rio+20, is the Institutional Framework for Sustainable Development (IFSD). As preparations for Rio+20 proceed, it reveals that there is a substantial gap between what is needed on the ground and what is discussed in the multilateral negotiation process. There is a clear need for fundamental governance transformation.

Using a World Cafe dialogue format, this workshop will address the key issues required for such a fundamental transformation of international environmental governance in the 21st century. The workshop will bring together approximately 15 to 20 experts from the earth system governance scientific community and policymakers. We have among others the support of the team leader Institutional Framework for Sustainable Development within the UN Secretariatfs team that prepares for the Rio+20 Conference.

The goal of the workshop is to come up with a proposal that identifies five key policy options that need to be addressed at Rio+20 Conference and its follow-up processes in order to come to an improved Architecture for International Environmental Governance (IEG), and Sustainable Development. These options will not focus on incremental reform options, but will rather project a scientific vision for an institutional framework for sustainability and earth system governance that has a global, effective architecture, that can adapt to changing circumstances, that involves civil society, that is accountable and legitimate beyond the nation state and that is fair for everyone.

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